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How much should an engagement ring costs?

How much should an engagement ring cost? 1/2 to 1 month salary is an appropriate engagement ring price

How much should the engagement ring be? That is the most frequently asked question by men on the topic of the engagement. We help you find your personal budget, so you know how much you should spend.

To name a price is not the right way. Also, the salary calculators and tables, which can be found in the internet do not really help. There are however a few things that can be remembered in order to get a better feeling for the budget.

Emotional factors more important than the price?

For women the engagement ring price isn’t the most important factor. Emotional, social and traditional family aspects are similarly important. Only if the man considers all factors equally, he can answer the question what value the engagement ring has for his partner. Some of those are:

  1. The engagement ring is the most beautiful and romantic sign, that he wants to spend his whole life with her.
  2. Your partner will proudly wear this ring throughout her entire life and probably won’t have another piece of jewellery which she associates with so many positive emotions.
  3. By looking at the ring, she will always think of the special moment of the engagement and her partner.
  4. Your partner will proudly show the ring to all her friends.
  5. It is a wonderful and popular tradition to pass on the own engagement ring to the next generation.

The above mentioned rather emotional arguments also mean, that women appreciate high-quality rings with diamonds. So, let’s begin with the diamond costs.

Costs: Find out your personal budget – rule of thumb monthly income

In order to determine the budget for the engagement ring, the monthly net income is a good guideline. Half a net income should at least be invested. If you have savings you should choose a monthly income for the engagement ring. In the end of the day buying an engagement ring is a once in a lifetime romantic investment for a lifetime. The one-time ring costs are quickly forgotten.

Budget depending on the income

Men that want to get engaged are often at the beginning of their career path. We think that the costs should be in a healthy ratio to the income and therefore recommend one monthly income as a rule of thumb for the budget.

And here's a fact for all fans of American soaps: In Germany, there are only a few men who buy US-level rings worth 5,000 euros or more for the engagement. On average, German men stay around or even below 1,000 Euros when it comes to the ring for their sweetheart.

Take it with a sense of humour, it only costs you 5 cents a day!

Many Americans think that investing in an engagement ring should hurt a little. We don't see it that way. And yet buying a good quality engagement ring is a real investment that needs to be well considered.

But look at it this way: You have found the woman for life! To show her that, buy an engagement ring for about 1,000 euros. She says (of course!) YES and you both experience 50 happy years together!

And now we make this happy love story a very simple calculation:

Engagement ring price Costs over 50 years
1.000 Euro/50 years 20 Euro for each happy year
1.000 Euro/2.608 weeks 38 Cent for each happy week
1.000 Euro/18.262 days only 5 Cent for every happy day!

What do you mean, you don't know? Is a happy partner worth 5 cents a day for the next 50 years?


Almost all men who get engaged buy a valuable piece of jewellery for the first time in their lives.

What happens if you spend too little?

That depends on the partner. And every man has to estimate what his beloved partner expects.

Almost all men who get engaged buy a valuable piece of jewellery for the first time in their lives. Our aim is to give men security for their upcoming purchase by referring to their monthly salary.

What do women spend on an engagement ring?

Women rarely propose. Less than 5% of our engagement rings are sold directly to women. The prices of the engagement rings bought by women are also within the usual range in Germany.

But unlike a few years ago, women are increasingly drawing their partner's attention to the ring they want. We have often heard about messages to a friend with the subject "I would like to have this one". And also, on Instagram and Facebook men frequently receive discreet hints from their partner.

Engagement ring price: The monthly income determines the budget

Our recommendation for the engagement ring price

Pay attention - regardless of the actual income - to your personal "price limit" and choose an engagement ring that is priced much higher. We often experience that men send in their partner's engagement ring as their lady wants a bigger diamond.

So, plan a little more budget from the start than you initially thought. Firstly, the engagement ring at a higher price makes a much better impression and secondly, you do not inadvertently provoke your loved one to think that she has "sold" herself below value.

Of course, women compare their engagement ring with that of other women, even if they would never admit it. If you set the engagement ring price a little higher right from the start, you don't have to worry about it.

What do I need to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring?

Regardless of engagement ring price and budget you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. For the engagement especially white precious metals are suitable, like silver, white gold or platinum. We recommend traditional white gold rings or engagement rings made of platinum, which is harder, heavier and more durable.
  2. The diamond quality plays an important role. As a rule of thumb: The higher the quality the more the ring sparkles.
  3. Of course, the engagement ring should meet your partners taste, so knowledge about the future fiancé's personal style is important to make the right decision. Are you uncertain about the style? Just ask your partner's best friend for more information.
  4. The day of the proposal is here, everything is perfectly planned, the location booked. What is missing? The ring... To make sure that doesn't happen to you, start searching for the right ring at least two months before the planned date.

Which models are most frequently purchased?

By far the most frequently purchased models are those with diamond, the classic gemstone for the engagement. For some time now, rose gold models have been very popular. Blue sapphires are also becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings. With both gemstones - diamond or sapphire - we know you are making a great choice.

Does the man buy the engagement ring or both partners together?

In recent decades it has become more and more common for the man to secretly prepare the proposal and surprise his partner with the engagement ring. It is a beautiful tradition that shows the partner in a particularly romantic way how much she is loved.

However, this romantic procedure also has disadvantages. The vast majority of men willing to marry have no idea of their partner's ring size before buying the ring. And the high proportion of subsequent changes shows, that it is difficult to find out the size secretly without any instructions. Some men also find it difficult to correctly assess the style of their loved partner. Before the man buys the engagement ring, he should seek professional advice.

Can I really buy an engagement ring online?

For us, the answer is obviously a clear yes, engagement rings can be bought online without hesitation! There are a few very obvious reasons why this is the case:

  1. The selection online is way bigger. Even an excellently sorted jeweller can't keep up.
  2. The quality of the engagement rings sold online is very good and is usually documented by renowned certificates. The retailer around the corner buys it's goods from the same manufacturers.
  3. Today, no online shop can afford dissatisfied customers, especially if it still wants to sell engagement rings in the future.
  4. Quality feature - customer ratings: Well-known seals and real customer ratings create trust between customers and our online shop. In addition, the online purchase can usually be secured free of charge.
  5. Today you get great advice by real jewellery experts - free of charge. A few years ago this certainly was not as common.
  6. Many men work hard and often longer than they used to. It's convenient to be able to shop online whenever you want, seven days a week, 24h a day.

If you feel like buying a beautiful engagement ring for your partner, you will quickly find the right model in your individual price category.

Which engagement ring is yours?

We have sorted our models in five clear categories according to price. Choose your engagement ring now:

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