Engagement rings in white gold with diamonds - Yes, I do!

White gold is the classic precious metal for engagement rings. Modern and timeless at the same time, white gold supports the diamond with its bright, neutral colour in its most important task: to transform light into bright sparkle. Diamond engagement rings in white gold are the most popular rings for proposals.

14-carat precious metal alloys contain 58% pure gold; 18-carat alloys contain around 75% pure gold. The light colour of white gold is due to admixtures of the precious metals silver and palladium, which are added during the melting process to ensure the stability and durability of the engagement ring. 


Classic 6
Engagement ring Classic 6
from €399

Probably the most famous ring version in the world. Solitaire ring with a six prong setting.

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Engagement ring Classic 4
from €399

Precise design - simple and timeless. The perfect match for the wedding ring.

View Classic 4

Engagement ring Classic Petite
from €299

Elegant and classic - available from 299 € in white-, yellow- and rosé gold.

Classic Petite

Engagement ring Modern Petite
from €299

Delicately set in a 4-prong setting. Available from 299 € with diamond.

Rings Modern Petite

Engagement ring Modern
from €469

The timeless ring band holds the diamonds in a four prong setting.

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Engagement ring Romance
from €789

A ring setting with a unique love-detail, perfectly matching the proposal.

Romance rings

Engagement ring Twist
from €419

The ring band surrounds the diamond like a precious treasure.

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Engagement ring Twist Petite
from €279

Detailed, soft & beautifully finished - the Twist Petite.

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Engagement ring Jolie
from €629

You will receive our popular engagement ring Jolie with sapphire, emerald or ruby and a wreath of diamonds.

The Jolie Model

Engagement ring Spirit
from €659

The Spirit series is one of our most popular series.

The Spirit Models

Engagement ring Windsor
from €979

The sapphire ring is one of our topsellers and one of our customers favourite engagement ring. Also available with ruby and emerald.

Windsor ring

Engagement ring Infinity
from €499

The classic setting makes the diamond sparkle.


Engagement ring Devotion
from €419

The extra-elegant Look: Diamond in a filigree setting.

The Devotion ring

Engagement ring Infinity Petite
from €239

The filigree setting makes the diamond sparkle.

View Infinitiy Petite

from €699

A festive engagement ring. Alliance and Eternity rings with luminous diamonds.


Engagement ring Destiny
from €519

Balanced lines with a modern setting.

All Destiny models

Engagement ring Delight
from €459

Classic design - stylish and trendy at the same time.

Delight rings

Engagement ring Love
from €259

Unique setting - propose with the engagement ring Love from 249 €.

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Enagagement ring Heaven 6
from €449

Absolutely elegant - the Heaven 6 model with intense diamond in a six prong setting.

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Engagement ring Heaven 4
from €419

Classic shape with intense radiant diamond in a four prongs: Absolutely elegant!

Rings heaven 4

Engagement ring Classic Pavé
from €889

Now also available with Pavé: The popular 6-prong frame with diamond-studded ring band.

View Classic Pavé

Engagement ring modern Pavé
from €749

The diamond-studded ring band holds the main stone in an elegant 4-prong setting.

View Modern Pavé

Engagement ring Italic
from €439

Classic and simple with detailed setting.

Discover Italic

Engagement ring Princess
from €679

Modern, clear design with Princess diamond in a clear setting.

Princess Models

Engagement ring Dusk
from €1,019

Simply chic, the eternity ring Dusk impresses with it's minimalist design

View Dusk rings

Engagement ring Glory
from €1,469

A feminine look and an elegant design with the luminosity of 7 diamonds.

All Glory models

Engagement ring Glory Petite
from €399

The blue main stone is in the center of the Glory Petite sapphire.

Glory Petite sapphire

Engagement ring Glory Petite
from €489

Filigree and modern engagement rings make the Glory Petite series so special.

View Glory Petite

Engagement ring Promise
from €449

A simple engagement ring with bright diamond - a timeless classic.

The Promise rings

Engagement Promise Petite
from €299

The engagement Promise Petite - simple and classic design, created for eternity.

The Promise Petite

9 diamonds engagement ring
from €779

A timeless modern ring with nine sparkling diamonds.

9 diamonds

5 Diamonds enagement ring
from €669

Filigree, simple and modern. The new 5 Diamonds from 949 €.

View 5 Diamonds

Engagement ring Glory
from €1,879

Unique engagement ring with deep blue sapphire as a highlight.

Sapphire ring Glory

Engagement ring Lovely
from €1,049

Detailed design, with blue sapphire: excitingly different, the engagement ring Lovely.

All Lovely rings

3 Stones collection
from €579

Modern, innovative design with the intense sparkle of 3 diamonds.

The 3 Stones rings

Engagement ring Eternal
from €439

Elegant, modern, simple! The Eternal solitaire ring accentuates the round brilliant-cut diamond.

Eternal models

Engagement ring Eternal Pavé
from €889

The diamond-studded ring band perfectly complements the fiery sparkle of the main stone.

Eternal Pavé

Engagement ring The One
from €979

Exceptionally sparkling: The solitaire ring The One for your engagement!

Ring The One

Engagement ring Emerald Cut
from €1,449

Filigree ring band set with brilliant-cut diamonds with brightly sparkling centre stone.

View ring Emerald Cut

Engagement ring Pure Diamond
from €1,339

The center stone of the Pure Diamond perfectly matches the setting.

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Engagement ring Pure Emotion
from €3,639

A timeless classic - the sparkling pavé engagement ring Pure Emotion with oval center stone framed by diamonds.

Pure Emotion

Engagement ring Pure Life
from €3,479

The diamond-studded ring band leads into a setting with a precious asscher cut diamond.

View ring Pure Life

Engagement ring Pure Infinity
from €3,779

Pure Infinity - with a sparkling and elegant ring band.

Pure Infinity

Engagement ring Pure Love
from €3,799

Perfect for those who want to give their loved ones the promise of eternal love.

Engagement ring Pure Love

Engagement ring Halo Classic
from €3,139

The engagement ring Halo Classic shines with a beautiful wreath of diamonds and diamonds on the ring band.

Halo Classic

Engagement ring Halo Petite
from €1,839

The filigree setting and the sparkling diamond frame accentuate the beautiful round main stone.

View Halo Petite

Engagement ring Claire
from €3,199

One of our most popular models with sparkling diamond band. The model Claire - buy online from 1.799 €.

All Claire models

Engagement ring Dynasty
from €7,599

Royal and noble: the perfect workmanship becomes apparent at first glance. Detailed Goldsmith's art.

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Engagement ring Dynasty Petite
from €3,299

Together with the half-carat diamond the diamond studded ring band is the highlight of the engagement ring Dynasty Petite.

View ring Dynasty Petite