Find the right precious metal for your engagement ring

Golden, rose or light-silver shimmering? The most common question for the right precious metal for your engagement ring is: Does it meet my partners taste? In this overview you will get to know the advantages of each individual precious metal, which will make you feel confident about your purchase.

  • Overview of the advantages of all 5 precious metals for engagement rings
  • Quick and easy - find the right metal for your engagement ring
  • All models are available in silver 925/-, platinum 950/- and gold alloys in 14 or 18 carat.


Silver - the cheapest precious metal

from €129,-

The engagement ring made of silver 925/- the affordable precious metal with noble, classic charm. For all romantic couples to fall in love with.

Silver rings

White gold - popular for engagement rings

from €159,-

White gold - the classic precious metal. Diamond engagement rings in white gold are the most frequently chosen rings for the engagement.

White gold rings

Yellow gold - perfect with classic jewellery

from €239,-

Engagement rings in yellow gold with diamond perfectly complement classic gold jewellery. Discover online now!

Engagement rings gold

Rosé gold - the trendy precious metal

from €149,-

Rosé gold is the trendy precious metal for engagement rings. The soft shimmering colour harmoniously matches any skin tone.

Rosé gold rings

Platinum – luxurious and durable

from €229,-

Engagement rings made of platinum, an exclusive precious metal. The value of this luxurious, durable precious metal can be felt in its weight.

Platinum rings