Popular coloured gemstone engagement rings

We have them, the most popular engagement rings. Choose diamonds or gemstones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby for your engagement ring. Discover exquisite gemstone rings in different shapes and colours - including free shipping and free ring case.

  • Order dream-like engagement rings online with indvidual stones and free shipping
  • The 5 most popular gemstones and diamonds for engagement rings with an oval, round or square shape
  • Particularly popular coloured gemstones: sapphire rings, ruby rings and emerald rings
Diamond - The classic choice

from €129,-

Classic engagement rings: Diamond rings are the most propular rings for the enagegement. With us you receive a house or GIA certificate.

Diamond rings

Sapphire - The popular alternative

from €619,-

Sapphire rings with blue gemstone and diamonds. Sapphire rings are one of the most popular engagement rings.

Sapphire rings

Ruby - Fiery red sparkle

from €669,-

Luxurious engagement rings with ruby, surrounded by sparkling diamonds. Ruby with yellow gold is romantic, ruby with white gold is classic.

Ruby rings

Emerald - Pure joy of life

from €959,-

Emerald engagement rings with diamonds are a real eye-catcher. Discover your unique green emerald ring now and pick one of 5 different alloys for your ring.

Emerald rings

Quarter carat - Diamond rings 0,25 ct.

from €689,-

Sparkling engagement rings with 0,25 ct. Quality: "Very good". 4 diamond qualities available - for everyone who wants more!

Diamond rings 0,25 ct.

Half carat - Diamond rings 0,50 ct.

from €1,950,-

Dreamlike half carat engagement rings with diamond with 0,50 carat. All diamonds with 0,50 ct. or more come with a GIA certificate.

Diamond rings 0,50 ct.

One carat - Diamond ring 1,00 ct.

from €6,640,-

The king of diamonds! Discover certified one-carat engagement rings with diamond quality H/SI, G/SI, G/VS, G/IF and GIA certificate.

Diamond rings 1,00 ct.