Engagement rings with coloured gemstones

Discover engagement rings with coloured gemstone - hand-crafted, vivacious coloured gemstone rings with the 3 popular coloured gemstones: blue sapphire, green emerald and red ruby.

Coloured gemstones are often said to have a magical effect. The luminous sapphire is said to strengthen loyalty, the shimmering ruby to have a positive and invigorating effect and the sparkling emerald to provide clarity and balance.

Engagement ring Jolie

from €619,-

You will receive our popular engagement ring Jolie with sapphire, emerald or ruby and a wreath of diamonds.

The Jolie Model

Engagement ring Windsor

from €979,-

The sapphire ring is one of our topsellers and one of our customers favourite engagement ring. Also available with ruby and emerald.

Windsor ring

Engagement ring Glory Petite

from €349,-

The blue main stone is in the center of the Glory Petite sapphire.

Glory Petite sapphire

Engagement ring Glory

from €1,459,-

Unique engagement ring with deep blue sapphire as a highlight.

Sapphire ring Glory

Engagement ring Lovely

from €939,-

Detailed design, with blue sapphire: excitingly different, the engagement ring Lovely.

All Lovely rings