Engagement rings from 129€ with diamond and coloured gemstone

Engagement rings with diamond from 129 € buy online in silver, white gold, yellow gold, platinum and rose gold. In our diamond ring collection you will find solitaire rings as well as tension rings. Diamond engagement rings are the preferred rings for the engagement. Discover one of our popular classics and find the perfect engagement ring for your beloved partner. 

  • Engagement ring quality "Made in Germany" from high-quality precious metal with real diamonds
  • Plan your engagement with time - free 50 days return guarantee  
Solitaire rings - classic with one diamond

from €129,-

A solitaire ring fulfils every woman's wish for a classic engagement ring with a round diamond.

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Tension rings - modern and simple

from €187,-

The simple and classic tension setting displays the modern philosophy of the Bauhaus design.

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Pavé rings – noble Pavé with big center stone

from €699,-

The small sparkling diamonds on the ring band make the center stone sparkle.

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Eternity rings – with diamond studded ring band

from €599,-

Discover our exclusive Eternity- and Alliance rings with diamond studded ring band.

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Halo-rings – main stone & wreath of diamonds

from €1,799,-

A sparkling wreath of diamonds, called halo, accentuates the magnificent main stone of the halo rings.

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3+ stones – rings with 3 gemstones and more

from €389,-

Engagement rings with several diamonds or sapphire sparkle full of symbolic power - perfect for the engagement.

Rings with 3 and more stones

Coloured gemstones - engagement rings with coloured gemstones

from €619,-

Discover engagement rings with colored gemstones. Hand-made, beautiful and vivacious coloured gemstone rings.

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Rings without a stone - engagement rings for men

from €419,-

Rings without stone - perfect engagement rings for men or women who want a simple ring to propose with.

Rings without a stone